Installing PrettyPress Pro

After purchasing PrettyPress Pro with the correct license, you’ll need to download and manually install the WordPress plugin.



Step 1. Download PrettyPress Pro.

After you’ve successfully paid for your PrettyPress Pro license, head over to the my account page.

Once you have logged into your account, under “available downloads”, download the PrettyPress-Pro .zip file.

Step 2. Installing PrettyPress Pro

Head over to your WordPress website, and log in to the administration panel.

  1. If you currently have PrettyPress Free installed, you’ll need to deactivate it.
  2. Click on Plugins -> Add new
  3. Click on Upload Plugin
  4. Select the PrettyPress-Pro .zip file you downloaded from the my account page
  5. Press upload, and activate
  6. PrettyPress Pro should now be installed on your WordPress installation.