Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to answer all common questions about PrettyPress.


How do I install PrettyPress?

Free users:
Free users can install PrettyPress directly through the repositories. Click on Plugins -> Add New. Search for PrettyPress and press install.

Pro users:

Pro users will need to manually install PrettyPress. See the PrettyPress Pro installation guide.


How do I update PrettyPress

Free users:
Free users can utilize the update notifications and “click to update” function. Click on Plugins -> Installed plugins. If there is an update available, tick PrettyPress and press update.

Pro users:

Pro users will need to manually update their version of PrettyPress. See our updating PrettyPress Pro guide.


Why do I have to pay for shortcode previews?

In an ideal world, we would release the entire functionality of PrettyPress for free. Unfortunately, we’re not rich and require a small amount of income to cover maintaining, supporting and updating PrettyPress.


Can I have a copy of PrettyPress Pro for free?

Evasive Software Pty Ltd is willing to give free copies of PrettyPress Pro away to registered not-for-profit organisations. Proof and documentation is required.


I have a theme that has some small issues running with PrettyPress, can you help me?

PrettyPress Pro users receive email level support on developing a compatible theme to work nicely with PrettyPress. However, this does not mean we’ll program your entire theme for you.


Why am I being charged $11 for PrettyPress Pro, instead of the advertised $10?

If the checkout is asking for $11, this is because you’ve registered your address inside Australia.

Under Australian law, we’re required to charge Australian customers 10% GST. (It’s a scam, we know!)


I’ve purchased a copy of PrettyPress Pro, am I covered for updates?

Yes, you are entitled to all updates, bug fixes and feature additions that are released within your version of PrettyPress.